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Thank you for your interest in the AYE Study Abroad Program. We can promise you that your commitment to help reverse brain drain through our study abroad program will yield positive results for you and the continent. You are in for an exciting journey!

Step 1

Terms and Conditions

I agree that the information submitted above is correct, and that I will stand by all financial requirements, and abide by our code of conduct; emergency & safety protocols and procedures set forth by African Youth Excellence, Inc. (AYE), its host universities and its partner institutions.

I consent to make a one-time nonrefundable payment of $250 processing fee, and fully satisfy all financial obligations before departure unless otherwise excused or enrolled into an approved payment plan undersigned by AYE. Failure to fulfil all financial obligations may result in dismissal from the program.

Although AYE may provide some guidance, I agree that I am responsible to procure visa, passport and all traveling documents including immunization before departure. Failure to do this may result in delay or dismissal from the program at no cost or liability to AYE. AYE will also not refund the one-time nonrefundable processing fee.

I authorize AYE and its partner institutions to collect relevant information from me and store them securely throughout the application process and my stay abroad. AYE will only share this information with its host universities, permitted personnel and relevant authorities in case of an emergency.

I approve all academic records AYE releases to its partner universities and my resume to its partner companies for the purposes of securing me an internship. I also authorize my host university to release my academic records to my home university.
I agree that AYE will receive my application and release it to its partner universities which reserve the right to review and make the determination whether to accept or decline your application.

I fully understand and consent to exercise caution, follow assigned safety measures and apply common sense at all times during my stay in my host country.

Although I preserve the right to free movement during my stay in my host country, I authorize AYE’s local personnel to have some say in my movements and authorize him or her to restrict my movement to ensure my safety in the event of natural or major disasters. 

I agree that AYE only acts as a third party agent responsible for arranging and placing me in a study abroad program with our partner institutions. As such, AYE and its workers, host and local personnel, board of directors, board of advisory, partner institutions and affiliated parties are not liable for any form of injury, illness, death, damage, delay, accidents, loss of traveling items, personal & business expenses incurred before or during the tenure of my stay abroad. AYE is also not liable for health issues and other disastrous things during an act of God, acts of war and terrorism that will occur before, during and after my stay abroad. 
I agree that in the event of sickness or death AYE will take all the necessary actions to provide me with medical care and or transport me to the United States in full consultation with my parents or my assigned guardian.

I understand that AYE provides insurance coverage during my stay in the host country, including limited health, accident, accidental death, baggage and tuition refund insurance. I understand that it is my responsibility to understand all the terms governing the coverage and cannot make claims against AYE.

Consider their health and other personal circumstances when applying for or accepting AYE offer of acceptance.
Make available to AYE accurate and complete physical and mental health information and any other personal data necessary in planning for a safe and healthy study abroad experience.

Inform parents / guardians / families and others who may need to know about your participation in the AYE Study Abroad program and provide them with a copy of the emergency contact card.

I understand that AYE and its partner institution reserve the right to cancel or alter the program as it deems fit. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and agreements above set forth by AYE and its partner institutions and promise to abide by them at all times. These terms take effect on the date this application is submitted.

Step 2

Permanent Address

Different Mailing Address

Step 3


Note: You need a valid Visa to travel. Please speak with an AYE advisor to inquire about how you can acquire a Visa.

Note: You need a valid passport to travel abroad. But please continue.

College Information

Step 4

Emergency Information

Step 5

Personal Statement

Question: Emphasize on why you should be considered for the AYE abroad program. Please discuss how you can help the continent with your acquired expertise, and how you can take advantage of the many economic opportunities on continent.